Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can't believe we are entering into fall, where the did the summer go? I love fall as it is my favorite season and it allows for me to run through the leaves that line the paths or streets-so fun! However I get a little sad when we reach this time of the year as the season is so short and there isn't much time to prepare for the cold weather. I like winter, its just the thought of getting there and the negative things that come with it like the lack of sunlight, being chilled all the time, and driving in terrible road conditions. Once it comes, I look forward to the first snow fall, especially to take my wild dingo out skjoring-She is crazy and often are off path, but she loves it!

Now onto my training over the past week. I have kept my running up but not much of anything else. I am missing the routine of having a training schedule to follow-I keep telling myself that this break is good for me and it will hopefully prevent myself from becoming burnt out during the next year of training.

Monday, I did a 4.4 mile run with Jerel and Kathy. As we ran I gave instruction on race strategy, running hills, and the importance of tempo running when training for longer events. I led Kathy through a track workout, focusing on maintaining race speed and gaining a feeling of goal race pace for her upcoming 10 mile race at Twin Cities. The workout went well and trying not to overwhelm Kathy, Jerel and I would switch off running laps around the track with her.

Tuesday, It was raining so Corrine and I headed to the Moore Lake Lifetime to get a run in around the track. While running around the track we met a man that had done 4 Ironmans and was heading to Cozumel for his 5th. We had a long discussion about race strategy and Ironman stuff, which took my mind off the monotonous circle running. We ended up getting in about 4.5 miles, maybe even further as the man was running a pretty good pace.

Wednesday, I ran with run club at Bunker Hills. I was feeling tired and very unmotivated or maybe just crabby that day. Once I started the run, I just wanted it to be over which is not really like me! Every step was a forced step! Maybe I just needed to run alone, I don't know, but the run was not very enjoyable! I ended up getting 5.1 miles.

I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off from training this week, which gave me time to focus on preparing my presentation on Nursing Engagement in Public Policy. I am not a public speaker so this whole speaking thing was stressing me out!

Saturday, Jen and I did a 13.55 mile run down at the lakes and Minnehaha. I love this run! My 4th toe on my right foot was giving me some isssue the first half of the run-this has been going on since the Ironman. The toe thing cleared up the second half, however me knee on that side started to become a little sore-my guess is that I was compensating for my sore toe by altering my gait. I had switched shoes a while back because I was having problems with the Hurricanes holding up and I'm not loving the shoes that I replaced them with. I need to get it figure out though as I have Twin Cities this week and San Antonio marathon in a month. Along the course I did run into Tracy, Joe, and Kai (my brother-in-law sister and her family-if that makes sense). Kai was intrigued by my running shoes-I guess shoes are one of his favorites things right now.

Today is the start of another carzy week! My training class is wrapping up since its race week, I have a test in my child and adolescent class, I head to Mankato for class on Thursday and Friday, test in my reporductive class, work on my thesis, get my house in order for the 3rd annual Coffee and Caravan, and then lastly the marathon......AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Plus I have to squeeze work in there too! But I will get through it because.........I am an Ironman!

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