Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday's workout was another confidence booster! I did a 4000 yard swim; a distance slightly longer than what I will be swimming during the Ironman. From reading blogs entries and websites comments, my pool swim should be more difficult than than the swim raceday-I will have the current with me during the ironman for the majority of the swim. Just knowing that I can get through the distance is the confidence booster.

When swimming competitively back in the day a bump week workout consisted of 4000 yards but then I would be done with my workout for the day. For the past couple of weeks I will have done a swim workout of between 3500 and 4000 yards plus another 1+ of running or biking.

I finished up my workout yesterday with a 5.26 mile run at the Dam.

Today, I started my day off with a 50 mile ride starting in White Bear and headed out to the Stillwater/ Marine area. I wanted to get one last good hill ride before the Ironman. I did good climbing today during this ride-I just hope its enough for the hilly Louisville course. I am amazed by the ease of doing 50 miles has become since the beginning of this training.

I finished my workout today with a 3 mile run with Shadow. Shadow was really happy to get out and run-the last time she went running with me Shadow torn one of her pads on the left front paw.

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