Saturday, August 30, 2008

We made it to Kentucky

We made it to Kentucky on Thursday. The ride was long and we were ready to get out of the car! I stressed the whole time about my bike flying off my car or breaking in route-I decided that I'm having shipped back and not going to worry about it on the way back!

The Ironman events have taken up most our time over the past few days. The check in process was crazy! You first had to get weight/BMI tested, then you had to go five other booths to get your wrist band, go through all the stuff in your packet, verify name spelling, address, emergency contacts, medical alerts, hotel information, travel information, etc. The whole process took 30 minutes without a line! We then made ourselves into the retail stuff man-you need to bring mega spending money! I bought a couple new outfits, a ironman visor, bag, bottle holder, sunscreen, and of course more CO2 cartridges.

I have ran into some people from Minnesota, but not many (there are countries represented with more people than Minnesotan's)

Yesterday, I attended the open water swim practice in the river. The swim wasn't bad. The water is really warm-83 degrees. Following the swim, I quickly showered and made it back to the Galt House for the mandatory athlete meeting that took about an hour. We then spent the couple hours driving the bike route. I was a little nervous about the bike route as everyone was telling me that the route was nonstop hills-there are some big hill climbs but I think the bike route will be okay (Grandma gears here I come).

After driving the route I brought my bike in for a check up and that should be ready today by 11:00 in time to check it in for the race tomorrow. We ended up waiting line for a long time-as to be expected. We then had the Welcome dinner which was really cool! They had videos, a band, and a great speaker from Ironman.

We finished the night by walking down to the transition area and swim start. I can't believe it-I got a prime spot in the transition area! An end spot near the bike out!

Today, the plan is to relax! I will probably go for a short run just to loosen up. I have to pick up my bike and drop off all my gear.

I am bib #788.

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Jen said...

I'll be following ya online tomorrow!!! GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK - BE SAFE & HAVE FUN! You ROCK!!!