Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A trip down memory lane and how I got to this point

St. Croix Triathlon 2001
This was my first triathlon and the first time I rode my Lemond!
Distances were: 1/3 mile swim (9:11), 10 mile bike (40:54), and 4 mile run (50:05); transition times were not separated from swim or bike. I finished 18th-not too shabby for my first tri.

The following couple of years I competed in only a few triathlons but many running races.

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon 2005

The weather was really hot and a lady passed out in front of me on the run, so I stopped and helped her until the ambulance arrived. I had time constraints as I needed to be at the Sedey wedding in Shakopee at 1 pm.

Northwoods Triathlon 2005

We stayed at the Christenson family cabin in Nevis the night before the race. I remember making Matt really mad because I wanted to get to the race early for a good spot in the transition area. The swim was really chilly and the bike wasn't any better. They didn't have enough volunteers at the race so my parents ended up helping out in the transition. Matt and I bet a round of beer in who would come in first-I lost by 28 seconds. Matt placed 3rd in his age group-I didn't place:(

Square Lake Sprint Triathlon 2005

I had competed in this triathlon with co-workers. I don't remember my stats, however I do remember the horrible blisters on my feet and cursing the hills on the bike.

Minneman Triathlon 2006

Amy (my sister in-law) and I did this triathlon together. There was a rain delay for about a hour and they almost made it a duathlon because of the lightning. Amy's dad came out to watch us compete. We didn't stay for the awards but I received a check in the mail for $100.

Minneman Triathlon 2007

This is was when I became a little more serious about triathlon. I had PR at this race.

Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon 2007

The race went well up until I fell twice on the run! My elbow was scraped and I had road rash down the side of my leg. I still had a PR from the previous years race.

Gear West Duathlon 2008

This was the second time I had competed in this race-I had a PR. This was first race that had the new bike. The day was cold; 50's at the start. I won a pair of New Balance shoes from Gear West.

Liberty 1/2 Ironman 2008

My first 1/2 Ironman distance race. I finished this race with a time of 5:53. I had horrible blisters-that actually bled through my shoes. The day was extremely windy-windy enough to blow a lady off her bike. The course was hilly.

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Sprint 2008

A PR and a 6th place finish. I was thrilled to see that I finished 3rd on the bike keeping a pace of 19.8 mph. The day was really windy.

Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman Relay

This was my first triathlon relay. We all had awesome split but got 4th place (one place from the metal stand). I ran a 1/2 marathon time of 1:49.55-only about 4 hundredths off my 1/2 marathon PR and I did it without tapering!

I have competed in many more tri's but these were the only pictures that I could find.

Today, I did my last bike ride before heading to Kentucky and I will be going to do my last pool swim tonight. I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow at 5 am. Wish me luck and you can follow me at: ironmanlive.com

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