Monday, August 4, 2008

Since my last post, my training has been going pretty well-at least since I got some sleep and a few days off of work.

Thursday, I did a 2000 yard swim-some sprinting and some easy does it pace swimming. I focused a lot of my swom on feeling the water and keeping good form. I tend to spin my wheels and have terrible form when sprinting. The swim went pretty well. I skipped the optional bike ride.

Friday; another big day! I completed my second full century ride! 100.17 miles! I did the ride on the Willard Munger trail riding up past Atkinson (About 5 miles South of Carlton). There was a head wind for about 15 miles on the way out, but because the wind was at an angle I didn't get the advantage of the wind being with me on the way back like I had hoped. The ride went really well except for getting stung by a bee. I felt that I could easily ride another 12 miles following the ride. My friend Erica joined me on this ride and did a fabulous job! Being I had to get back to the cities I didn't end up getting my run in that day.

Saturday, I met with run club for a run. Jen and I did a 9 mile run. I then finished up my long run for a total of 11.66 miles.

Sunday, to finish the week of workouts I did a 3500 yard swim. The focus was distance. Again, I really focused on keeping good form throughout the swim, especially as my muscles started to fatigue. Overall the swim went pretty well.

I had a pretty good week of workouts especially with the lack of sleep from mandated shifts, hot weather, and the increased amount of workouts. I can't believe that its already August! The race is only a few weeks away-man where has the time gone?

Guess what, I signed up to volunteer at Ironman Madison-I could be signing up for a second ironman-but I'll let you know.

Today, I will be doing a run with Run Club.

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