Sunday, August 17, 2008

I can't believe that I registered for Ironman Louisville almost one year ago! Only a couple more weeks until raceday!

Friday, I did a 14.4 mile run. The run was hard and I did have some stomach issues the first 6 miles of the run. I ended up doing Galloway 5 and 1's for about 3 miles of the run. The last eight miles were fabulous! I finished up my run with a cooldown of 600 yards in the pool.

Saturday, I did a 13.85 bike ride starting from Baker's Park. I felt that I needed to get another ride in that contained some larger hill climbs.

Today, After watching Jen and Cindy kick some butt at the St. Paul Triathlon, I headed to the pool. I did a 2200 yard swim. I felt really strong in the water!

I start to taper next week-I can't believe it!

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