Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday was Olympic day! Go USA!

Friday, I did a 27.2 mile bike ride through Elm Creek Park Reserve-27 miles of continuous hills! I missed my swim workout-I just ran out of time!

Saturday, I started my day off by spectating the Turtleman Triathlon-Cindy and Jen were competing. At about 2:00, Jen R., Cindy, and I headed out for my last Century in my Louisville Ironman training. The plan was to ride up to the cabin following the MS 150 bike route. About 10 miles, we did make a wrong turn bringing us off course about 2 miles-Who knew that Hwy 23 crosses 35 twice in the Lino Lakes area-Jen did! We came up with a game that every 10 miles we would throw a tip out to keep us going strong-It was time for our first tip from Jen "Keep your knees in while biking" After getting back on course and as we were crossing 35 the right way Jen's water bottles popped off her bike causing her to get off her bike and chase them down. Tip #2 from Jen "stay steady on the bike." Our first official stop was in Forest Lake where we refilled water bottles and I made a call to my mom to let her know where we were and that we started our ride about two hours late (she was waiting for us at the cabin). Tip #3 from Cindy "keeping you feet flat and pretend your scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe with each revolution." In Forest Lake we got on the Hard Rock Trail and headed to North Branch. Our second stop was in Stacy to stretch our legs and eat some food. Along the trail there was a group of wild turkeys cheering us on to keep going (at least that is what I going to believe their squawking was about). Tip #4 from Jen "Stretch your back and neck out by doing exercises." The trail ended in North Branch so we got on Hwy 61 north. Our next stop was in Rush city to refill water bottles, use the restroom, and of course take a couple pictures. The wind had really started to pick up and as were entering into Harris-Guess what, I got a flat tire (a small tack about 1/2 centimeter long got stuck in my tire-thorns from a rose stem are longer then the tack)! Tip # 5 from me "How to change a tire on the side of the road." Jen timed my tire change-it only took me 7 minutes (I'm becoming a pro! I think this is flat number 8 since the beginning of July). We took a quick picture and got back on the road. It was then time for tip #6 from Cindy "Stay positive." Tip #7 from Jen "Don't fall off your bike." We made our next turn onto cty 14-staying on 14 for about two miles and then making our last before Hinkley onto cty 15 in which we took into Hinkley just behind the casino. While biking on 15 I got a little loopy and started mooing at the cows in the field-it was quite funny; they all looked and some baby cows started running. As we rounded the corner behind the casino we took a quick break to eat a little food and give another tip from Cindy "Keep pedaling." We got back bikes and made our last turn prior to the cabin. The turn onto 48 was bitter sweet-great to know that we were on our home stretch but the head wind was really strong and this was the hilliest part of the route. The hills felt like mountains and the wind gusts seemed stronger. As we approached Cloverdale it was starting to get dark. Finally we made our last turn into the cabin and I made a call to my mom to come pick us up-perfect timing it now was dark. As we celebrated finishing our ride, the workers at the resort couldn't believe that we biked from Blaine. I came up with our last tip of the ride "be proud of your accomplishment." Total mileage was 94 miles-ride time 5:57.

Today, I was a little sore from the busy day yesterday. I ended up doing 5.54 mile run and a 2000 yard swim. I worked on balance in the water doing a lot of stroke drills and kicking. My legs felt like tree trunks on the run and lead pipes on the swim. Following the swim, my legs felt 100% better!

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