Monday, August 25, 2008

Kentucky Here I Come!

Over the past couple of days I have been a mess! ONE LONG PANIC ATTACK! I managed to get through the busy week at work without being mandated-I thought for sure one day but possibly everyday! My last day of work was Thursday night and since then I have had a hard controlling my time. TOO much time on my hands! Friday I was going to meet up with Andrea (another girl that will be competing in her first Ironman in Louisville as well) for a bike and run, but it ended up being way to windy outside. Afraid of crashing my bike a week before the Ironman just to get in another bike ride in the extreme wind conditions I decided wasn't worth it! Instead my workout consisted of a 1400 yard swim and a 4.1 mile run (I tried my new running shoes out).

Last week I had been checking over my run shoes and notice how bad shape they were in, so I made my way down to Run N Fun for a new pair and after a long hard decision I decided to try a different pair of Saucony's-since my last three pairs have only lasted about 100 miles before I was running in the foam. After running in the new shoes and not loving the feel, I decided that I will run in my least worn pair of Hurricanes instead (I'm glad that I tried them before the race, which is not my norm).

Saturday, I skipped my workout!!!! I haven't taken many days off since signing up for the Ironman a year ago, so this was weird for me! I actually had attempted to do my workout and try out my new bike rack that now sits on the top of my car. I got my bike on the car and off I went-first realizing that I forgot my helmet and sunglasses so I turned around and got them. Attempt number 2, I started driving down the road and the wind was super strong again I started to panic that my bike was going to fly off the top of the car, I turned around for the second time, took my bike of my car and hung it back in the garage. After returning home from my second workout attempt, I started to research bike racks and the best, most secure kinds-according to the forums talking about biking/triathlons the rooftop racks were voted to be the most secure and least damaging to the bike.

To contribute to my worries, I started wondering if my bike rides had enough hills and I'm going to die on the swim, etc.... So copied and pasted the elevation map from Louisville next to the Liberty 1/2 Ironman course elevation map to compare and study. I now know that there is a MAJOR HILL at mile around mile 12 and there are four more good climbs similiar in elevation upgrades as the hills on the Liberty course and the last twelve or so miles are down hill.

Sunday, after only getting about 3 hours of sleep because of the constant panicing about my upcoming race and travel I racked my bike up on top of the car and headed out for a ride on the Liberty course. I ended up doing a 12 mile bike ride and a 12 minute run. I felt really strong on the hills and loose on the run, but man I was froze my touche off-when I got back and watched the news I think they had said it was 56 degrees! That just made me think of camp-we used to sing a camp song called La Touche-hee hee.

Today, was another day off-a scheduled one! Guess what, yesterday, my tire light came on in my car again-as I was checking the pressure in my wheels I noticed that my front passanger side wheel had a screw in it-just my luck I thought! Luckily, when I brought my car into the shop the guy brought the screw in and told me that it just got wedged in the groove and that because my tires were new and the screw was short enough it didn't puncture the tire-thank god! Following my run to the Discount Tire, I stopped at my parents house to visit and give Owen some lessons on swimming backstroke and breastroke-watch out he is going to be the next Micheal Phelps! I spent the rest of day on packing and cleaning my house. This evening I met for a send off dinner with Jen R., Cindy, and Jen M. I had a blast as were talking our training, races, flat tires, and of course Ironman Madison 2009. Cindy sent me with a gift of extra tubes, CO2 cartridges, sunscreen, some lavender bath soaps, and nutrition stuff. Jen sent me with a couple of signs she made for me.

I can't wait only one more day before we hit the road!!!!!

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