Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday, I got back on the bike to do a 17.2 mile ride through Sunday. I was really tired after the century ride and then a busy weekend at work. I was mandated to work overtime-I did a 15 hour shift. The workout was done on very little sleep.

Monday, I was to do a 3600 yard swim-I ended up only doing 1900 yards. The workout was really hard after the many hours of work and lack of sleep.

Tuesday, was a welcomed day break from work! I only wish that it was longer than one day. Tuesday, I did a 24 mile bike ride and then a 4 mile run with Shadow. It was a great day, but a little warm.

Today, I headed to Mankato for my last class period of my summer class-I only need to start and turn in my final paper for the class. Today was a rest day-normally I don't take a day of rest, however with the travelling and the busy work week a rest day was really nice.

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