Saturday, July 12, 2008

Race Report-Lifetime Fitness Triathlon

Wednesday, I have finished up my workouts for the day with a 4.31 mile run at the Coon Rapids Dam. The run went well and the weather was gorgeous!

I missed my workouts on Thursday and Friday-Not enough time in the day.

Now for the race report...
My day started out early with a 3:00 am wake up. I quickly got ready before Jen met me at my house at 3:45 am. We headed down to Lake Nokomis, which was an experience in its self with all the road construction going on right now. After getting checked and body marked, I headed to the transition area where I got my bike racked and my supplies arranged in a strategic way. Then came the waiting....the transition area closed at 6:25 am and I wasn't to start until 9:20-the last wave, #49. I watched Jen race the swim portion of her relay teams triathlon.

As I waited for my start to take which was delayed by 20 minutes, I ran into my mom as she searched for me through the crowd of people. The start was a time trial start, I was the second person in my group to start. For the swim portion, I tried out my new speedsuit (a suit made out of compressed neoprene made for non-wetsuit legal races). The suit was great-it offer a small amount of buoyancy, much less restrictive than my wetsuit, and I didn't overheat in the murky bathwater of Lake Nokomis. It was difficult to site the swim as the water was extremely choppy and the group prior mine was wearing orange caps which matched the buoys. Being the last group of athletes to go out was another challenge as I had to battle the people that were struggling through the swim by doing elementary backstroke or breastroke-I ended up swimming over the top of two swimmers. I finished 8th in the swim portion-I was kind of disappointed in my swim. Swim time: 12.18-1:54/100 m

The next portion of the triathlon was the bike. The bike portion was mostly flat but had a lot of turns. I need to work on my bike handling skills as the turns were tough and I couldn't keep a consistent speed. I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group-quite surprising for not being a cyclist. Bike time: 46:23.3-average pace 19.4 mph.

Last was the run portion. I started feeling pretty strong. My legs started to cramp a bit about a mile into the run but loosened up as the run continued. I finished the run portion 10th in my age group. Run time: 24.53.3-8:18 pace.

My overall time was 1:28.45 finishing 6th in my age group and being the 23rd women; dropping almost 20 minutes from the last time I did Lifetime triathlon.

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