Saturday, July 19, 2008

I did it!

I conquered my first century ride! Friday, I started my adventure in Roseville from the Community Center. I got on my bike after filling my multiple water bottles and stocking my bento box. I got on my bike and headed down the road-getting about 1.5 miles down the road to realize that I wasn't wearing my bike helmet (I think that I was still asleep-it was early). I turned around got my helmet and started on my journey again. As I made my way through Roseville and then into the Como area before entering the Gateway trail, I experienced yet another small bike mishap. I was at an intersection waiting for a van filled with people to pass through when I lost my balance and tipped over-I skinned my left knee and elbow. I got up inspected my bike to make sure I didn't scratch it I got back on my bike and headed on my way.

I got on the Gateway trail and headed into Stillwater when the hill workout began! The middle part of the ride was really hilly. I rode North fighting against a head wind as I passed through Marine on St. Croix and then Scandia before turning South for a period of time. I then headed west to Forest Lake and then to Columbus. The route had flattened out after hitting Forest Lake but the wind had picked up a bit.

Finally after passing through Columbus, I was heading back to Roseville. On the way back to Roseville I passed through Lino Lake, Circle Pines, Shoreview, and Arden Hills.

Overall the ride went pretty well for being my first full century ride-I ended up doing 101 miles. Weather was HUMID and hot (probably pretty comparable to Kentucky).

Following the century ride, I head out for a three mile run. The run wasn't too bad-A nice surprise! Shadow had joined me on the run and kept pace at about 8:30 per mile.

Today, I got my car all geared up for the trip with a oil change, tire rotation, and new filters. I headed out for a 5.2 mile run after the storms that passed through. The temperature was about 70 degrees but really humid.

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