Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full speed ahead

The race is getting closer and I continue to build on my training hours per week. This week I have the goal of 14:30 hours of training. Monday following my swim workout of 3250 yards, I got a 1.5 hour massage. This wasn't a relaxing massage as Tracy got a workout breaking up all my knots and loosing up my tight muscles. Back to my workout on Monday, my swim was hard! My body was tired and sore from my busy weekend.

Tuesday, I got back out on my bike and did a 20 mile ride. My muscles were tight and sore still-maybe from the intense massage or the lack of sleep. The weather was hot-driving home from my bike ride the DJ on the radio stated the temp was 95 degrees! I just hope that this training on the lack of sleep due to my work schedule and hot afternoon workouts gives me the extra edge in Kentucky on race day.

I had to adjust my workouts for the week due to the possibly of being mandated for overtime over the upcoming weekend-I hate mandated overtime!

I ended up doing my long run yesterday along with the scheduled swim workout. My swim workout consisted of 2350 yards that went pretty well. The workout consisted of some speed work-not my fortae. I then went out for a long run. I had the goal of 14 miles, but the heat was unbearable! I ended up only getting in 10.25 miles.

I swear the weather never works out the way you want it to!
I was going to do my second century ride today, but currently I'm sitting on my couch watching it pour outside. The ride isn't going to happen today. Again, there will be an adjustment to this weeks schedule, leading me back to the Lifetime Fitness pool to do Friday's swim and hopefully my century ride/brick workout will be done tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Lately, I have been in contact with couple other people that will be doing Ironman Louisville for the first time as well. We have been discussing the feelings of being unprepared-Questioning am I doing enough or should I be doing something different. I'm glad that I'm not the only person with these concerns! I met with my parents last night to work out the details of the trip-confirming hotel reservations, mapping the route, packing for the trip, the dogs, schedule of events, etc. I just booked a massage for Sept. 1st through my hotel-which will hopefully loosen up my body enough so that I can move.

My feelings of nervousness have definitely increased as race day is approaching (constant butterflies whenever I think about the day)-my coach has assured me that I will be fine and that I will finish.

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