Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another mishap.....
Tuesdays workout was to bike 1:15 minutes and then do a 3000 yard swim. I rode at the Coon Rapids Dam and Elm Creek Park Reserve getting in a total of 19 miles-I thought that was pretty good with the extreme wind conditions again! During my ride I did have a small mishap again! I swear biking is not my thing. While at Elm Creek I stopped to check the map to see where I was at and where I needed to go-my right cleat slipped and there was no stopping with my left foot still clipped into the pedal down I went. I got up and checked my bike to make sure I didn't scatch it and then check out the road rash down my left leg and my instintly bruised hand/wrist. I brushed myself off and then rode back to the Dam. I didn't get my swim workout in that night.

Today, I did my swim workout and felt great! Total was 3000 yards. My hand/wrist is still bruised and a little puffy and my leg is scraped up-but I look athletic! I will be running tonight with run club.

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