Thursday, July 3, 2008

Always an Adventure

I"ll start my blog today with yesterday's workout. I met with run club and had a great run totalling 3.78 miles.

Now to the real story.....
Today's workout was to bike 3 hours and then do a quick 30 minute run-A brick. I had the goal of 60 miles and then follow up with a run with Shadow.

I started my ride from my house and got north of 109th on Radisson Road when I got a flat tire-not a slow leak! I had ran over a nail and it tore multiple holes in my tire-AAHHHH! I got my flat chanaged and then lost the spring that sits on the side of the hub of the back wheel. I put the wheel back on without the spring and headed home.

I went to County cycle to buy a new tire, tube, CO2 cartridge, and spring ($82 including the 15% discount).

At about 4:30 pm, after I put on the new tire, tube, and spring, I headed out on my adventure again. As I past through my first intersection (HWY 65) my GPS popped off my bike and almost got ran over by a car-not a good second start! I ran back got my GPS, put it back on and then I was on my way. I watched the road extremely close as I didn't want to get another flat. I was enjoying my ride making my way through Blaine, then Ham Lake, then another small town, East Bethel, then ventured into Wyoming........starting to make my way back, I got another flat!!!!!! 37 miles away from home in the middle of nowhere!!!! I get my back wheel off my bike and the tube changed for the second time today. A biker came by to stop and help-A nice guy that worked at the U, who did research on soybeans and wheat and other edible plants-we had long time to talk as the second tube blew up as it was filled-AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! I no longer have anymore CO2 cartriges, so the man gave me one to use with my extra extra spare. I get the tube in place and go to fill the tube and it doesn't fill-there was a hole in my extra spare and it used the whole cartitrige of CO2. The guy gave me his spare tube and then to realize that we don't have any CO2 left-AAAGGGHHHH! So, I call Corrine-thinking that maybe she would be around to pick me up-she was at the Taste of MN attending a concert. I called Maureen and she was out on a run but said she would be on her way. Now that I had a ride coming the guy that was helping me told me he had to go but to call him if my ride didn't come and off he went. Shortly after the man left a guy in a red sportscar (a little sketchy looking) pulled up, but before he could say anything the Anoka County Sheriff showed up-Thank GOD!!!!! The cops put my bike in the back of their truck and drove me to the nearest gas station (2 miles away). The cops were wondering why I was out in the middle nowhere bike-they couldn't gauge the fact that I biked from my home in Blaine.

I waited at the Shell station in Wyoming until Maureen and Kevin showed up to bring me home-my heroes, lifesavers, guardian angels!!!!!

Maureen took a great picture at the gas station for me to post, but it didn't save-I guess it just goes along with everything else today!

I ended up getting in a total of 37 miles on the bike and zero minutes running.


casanova_277 said...

What an adventure! I'm so sorry I couldn't pick you up because I was "stranded" down at Harriet Island singing along with REO Speedwagon.

You are so lucky you are athletic! The Taste of Minnesota crowd was a bit "sketchy" too and made me feel elated that I too am an athlete!

Keep going sister!!!

Mo said...

I'm so sorry your picture didn't save. It would have been a great way to document your "adventure" while training for Ironman. IF this ever happens again I hope it won't take so long for someone to get to you. Good luck in your training.