Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After recovering from laughing at myself about my TT experience, I finally made it in the pool for a Friday swim workout. I did a short 2000 yard swim with a mixture of strokes (I don't think that I have done a set of IM's since high school, but it was a nice change).

Saturday, I met up with a couple of my run club friends for a 5.6 mile run and then came home got Shadow to finish my long run for the day. I ended up doing a total of 9 miles. Shadow was naughty during the run-I'm lucky that I don't have skinned knees or a broken neck!

Sunday- OMG-it was windy!!!! I met Jen to do a couple of laps of the Minneman bike course. The first loop was against the wind for the majority of the ride-I then told Jen that we should ride loop backwards the second time which was much better. I then headed home for a short break and rode the LIfetime fitness route to make a grand total of 39 miles ridden for the day. I skipped my swim and went up North to the cabin for the night.

Monday, after a competitive game of ring toss with dad, I headed home to do my swim workout that I missed on Sunday. I only got in a total of 1500 yards-I felt really heavy in the water. I followed up my workouts for the day with a 5.2 mile run with run club.

Today, I did a 2250 yard swim with a speed focus (not really sure that I was speedy but more like a snowplow). I will finish my workouts today with a 45 minute hard bike.

Off to go riding!

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