Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After last weeks flats I brought my bike down to Gear West to have it checked out. They had pointed out that there is a strip inside the wheels and the back one had slipped which was causing my tubes to pop-they fixed my wheels and told me I shouldn't have anymore issues with it. I also purchased my wheel bag for the trip.

On Monday, I took my bike out for a 20 mile ride and guess what NO ISSUES!!!! My legs were a little sore and stiff from racing on Sunday. I then did a short run with run club-3.71 miles. Man it was hot!

Tuesday, I did a 2800 yard swim. The swim went well and it gave my legs a break.
I was tired after the lack the of sleep due to being mandated at work again.

Today, I started my workouts with a 21.12 mile ride to Elm Creek Park Reserve. Since my training has been started I have developed a liking for being out on the bike-even more surprising, I have really began to enjoy biking hilly routes. Later I will be meeting with run club to do a run.

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