Sunday, July 27, 2008

A 3 tube day and a week full of goodies or baddies

This week was a whirlwind of ups and downs!

Wednesday, was a much welcome day of rest! Although I don't know how much I got driving (riding) to and back from Mankato. Of course nothing can be easy right! Wednesday morning I had a staff meeting that I needed to attended prior going to Mankato. After getting into my car and start to back out I noticed my tire light on-yep a flat tire! I headed over to Holiday filled up the tire and made my way to my parents house so my mom (who just stepped out of the shower) could drive me into my staff meeting-she was heading to Gillette anyway to volunteer. Arriving to my staff meeting about 30 minutes late my manager gave a nasty look-I though your lucky I made it here lady! My mom then dropped me off at classmates house and she ended up driving to Mankato. I ended up having to replace all four wheels on my car, because they were in such bad shape-great to know since I just paid for a tire rotation a couple days prior!

Anyway back to tri stuff...

Thursday, I had a fabulous swim! I did a total of 3700 exceeding my goal for the day by 1500 yards. I felt great in the water! This was a nice confidence booster as I was starting to feel anxious about the swim portion.

That same day I received my Louisville Ironman Athlete Guide by email. I downloaded it and printed it ASAP! As I was reading through the guide-I had a panic attack! I was like am I ready? Wonder if I'm not doing something right. AAAAGGGGHHHHH! I quickly called Gear West and questions were pouring out of my mouth and I think Hannah thought I was crazy. She calmly answered all my questions and told me to call back if I thought of anymore-they are so nice!

After a long night at work just what I got mandated to stay for the second time! I was not very happy, especially knowing that I was to 6:30 hours of training that day. By the time I got out of work it was too late! I couldn't do my century and storms started to pop up leaving me only a couple of hours of good sunlight. I ended up doing my scheduled Saturday workout which was a bike-I did 24 miles. I rode to the Coon Rapids Dam and through the regional trail. I did practice some bike handling skills on the twists and turns of the trail.

I got up early to lead run club. I did only 3 miles at an easy pace as I knew that I had to get my century ride in that I missed the day before. After getting home from run club, I went out to get on my bike-my goal was to be out on the bike by 8:00-but guess what my bike had a flat tire! I changed the tubed got it all aired up and headed out. I was on my bike by 8:23-I'm getting pretty good at changing bike tubes! I get about 50 miles out and realize guess what I have another flat tire! I changed the tire and the tire again flatted immediately! So I took the tube out and felt around inside the wheel-I didn't feel anything sharp, so I changed the tube again and made a phone call to Liz to come pick me up as the air was being lost in the third tube as well-that ended my day of training and century ride-again sending me into a panic because the race is only 4 weeks away!


A race report.....
Today I race Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman Relay-I did the run portion.
What a great day! Early prior to the start of the race I got in and swam the swim course. I ended up doing about 1350 or .8 of a mile in the water. I felt great in the water! The race started and Jen did fabulous on the swim portion (34:34)! Then Cindy was a fast cat on the bike portion (2:41) and I did the run portion (1:49.55) just barely over my PR! The run was a little hard after waiting for almost 4 hours. My legs were tight and feeling like tree trunks, but I would look down at my Garmin and see that I was doing a respectable pace. My legs loosened up about 3.5 miles into the run, but it was really starting to heat up. The route had very little shade and was a rolling course. I started on my way back after the turn around and I came upon the guy who did my bike fit at Gear West-I think that I annoyed him! We were running the same pace and the course was really narrow not allowing for passing and I didn't have the extra mojo pass anyway! I ended up passing him with about four miles left. I talked to him afterwards-he was really nice about it-I apologized for being a annoying runner!

Overall the race went really well! The field was really competitive! We placed 4th in the 1/2 ironman relay-missing a trophy by one spot! Our overall time was a 5:07.

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