Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time Trial that went BAD!!!!!

Time Trial race report or not.....I showed up at the time trial tonight and got checked in, looked at the course map and then went out for a short spin on my bike getting in 3.25 miles.

Then as I waited for directions to what I needed to do......I waited and waited and listened to others around as they asked questions-commonly getting the response as "I don't know." Someone from a far yelled that the start was down a little ways, so I rode down there. They had already started the riders and I missed my start. I kept asking the workers if I could go and they kept saying the famous words "I don't know." Finally the other riders were asking what number I was and they told me to go. I thought it was clear sailing until the finish........NOT!

My ride started well, I was doing a good clip as looked down at my Garmin to read my distance, I realized that I was approaching 14 miles (the race was only 13 miles long). I missed a turn and ended up in Marine St. Croix. I turned around and started my way back to the beginning as I didn't have any idea of where I was to go. As I rode back I came upon a rider wearing a jersey and I yelled out "Are you part of the TT"? He responded yes....I told him that I was lost and didn't know where to turn, so he rode with me back to the start.

What an experience! Needless to say my TT finish time was very slow (my time trial ended up 27 miles)! As Corrine would say-I am an athlete:)

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