Monday, June 23, 2008

The last week had been hard! Hard to get back into the groove of training after the 1/2 ironman. It was a really busy week at work, making it hard to take a break or recover from the race.

On Wednesday the 18th, I had the goal to swim 2400 yards and I only got in 600:(

Thursday, I biked 19.5 miles-It was hard to get going and get a good workout in due to the amount of road construction/road closures. I biked up in the Coon Rapids area. Then I followed up my workouts that day with a 4.3 mile run with Run club. Work had asked me to come in that day-although I thought about it, I declined!

Friday, I had a great swim! I did 2400 yards-with a straight mile swim and it was fabulous! I ended up going into work early that day.

Saturday, after putting in 14 hours at work, I got in a 8 mile run. This run was very difficult as I was exhausted.

Sunday, My goal was to ride 2 hours and then swim 2300 yards. I ended up getting in a 22.3 mile bike-taking me a little under a hour and thirty minutes cutting my workout shortdue to extremely windy conditions and it starting to rain. I didn't get my swim workout done.

Overall, I didn't have a great week of workout which makes me nervous as I get closer to race day-only 10 weeks to go. I have tonight off from work and will be heading to run club to get in my workout and hopefully my missed swim workout from yesterday.

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