Thursday, June 26, 2008

It was a nice day off from work-much welcomed. The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy and stressful at work resulting in much overtime (12 hours last week alone). There should be a short break in the craziness next week with the holiday coming up-I can't believe that its going to be July!

Monday, I got in a did 1000 yards in the pool to make up for the missed swim workout from Sunday. The pool was busy and I had to wait for a lane to open up for quite a while not allowing me to get the full workout in. Following my swim I did a short easy 3 mile run with Jerel and Sarah. Although it was short and at an easy pace my legs were tired and heavy.

Tuesday, My workouts consisted of a swim and ride. I rode a route in Scandia to get in some hill training-man there were a ton of hills and steep too! The route was beautiful as I rode through the countryside and William O'Brien State Park. The ride started in the quaint little town of Scandia.

Following the ride, I did my swim workout totalling 2300 yards. Again the pool was busy with over half pool reserved to water aerobics. Much of the workout was like swimming in a hot lake. After the water aerobics class got over, then open started-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I was thoroughly annoyed by the kids hanging on the lane lines in my lane and the kids stealing my swimming equipment!!!!!!

Wednesday's workout consisted of a 5.5 mile run at the Dam. Although, the weather was heating up, it felt good to be out running. The majority of my miles were ran with Erica while we scooped back to get Corrine and Cheryl. My legs were a little tight at the beginning of the run, however they loosened up early during the run.

Tonight, my workout consists of a time trial (biking). This should be interesting! I haven't competed in a time trial before and after looking at the times from the last time trial-I'm pretty sure I will come in last place! I will keep you posted!

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