Friday, June 6, 2008

Another week closer! I can't believe that their are only 12 weeks until the Ironman!

Over the week I was dodging rain everyday and next week doesn't look much better:(

Monday, I did a 2200 yard swim. I felt great in the water! My stroke was super smooth! I had changed up the workout a bit-doing a straight 1000 yard swim and then following with a 500 yard swim.

Tuesday, I did an easy run 4.43 mile run at a 9:30 pace. The rain had stopped long enough to finish our run.

Wednesday, I did a 21.5 mile ride on tired legs! I rode the Turtleman route-It was nice to ride such a flat route! Again, the forecast stated rain was coming in the afternoon hours, so I came home from work and slept for an hour before I started my ride. The ride went pretty well except my back wheel started to rub on my bike frame-causing me to stop and readjust a few times. Following my ride, I brought my bike into Penn to get an adjustment done. Guess what-the rain never came!

Thursday, my workout consisted of a 2600 yard swim. My swim went well focusing on maintaining good form throughout the workout.

Today-Crappy weather!!!!! I intended on getting in a morning brick. I packed up my bike and headed out to do the Liberty 1/2 bike course again. I got out to Baker park and it started to pour, so I had to turn around and go home. I then headed down to Grand Performance to purchase my new wheels, hoping that when I returned the rain would be done. I then headed to the dam to ride and on the way I got a call from work to come in to pick up my tuition check-I had to turn around put away my bike for the second time. Finally, I got out for a 12 mile ride at the Dam. It was extremely windy!!!! The wind gusts were so strong making it hard to stay upright on the bike. I didn't get my brick in today. I plan to do the brick on Sunday-I just hope the weather cooperates.

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