Sunday, May 18, 2008

Duathlon week

It was a crazy busy week at work last week! Tis the season of elected surgeries and crazy stupid teenager activity!

Tuesday, I did an easy 4.45 mile run at a 9:37 pace with the run club. It was nice to have conversations with some of the other runners that I don't normally run with.

Wednesday's workout consisted of a 2300 yard swim with short fast sets. I didn't utilize the full rest time between swims-15 secs between 75's, 10 secs between 50's, and 5 secs b/t 25's. I then finished my workout with a 14.50 mile bike ride in Blaine-very flat but open to the wind.

Thursday I did an easy 6.55 mile at a 10 minute pace with the run club.

Friday,I did a late swim in the evening of 2700 yards. I felt strong in the water.

Saturday's workout was a short brick consisting of a 8 mile bike ride and 1.64 mile run.

Today I did the Gear West Duathlon (5k run, 28k bike and 5k run). I went into the race with the mindset of taking it easy and not going all out. My first 5K run time was 26:05 and my second 5K was a 23:40-I was pretty happy with my run times especially after they announced the course was a little long due to the construction. My bike time was 57:59-I believe 8 or 9 minutes faster than the last time I did the race. The bike course was a little hillier than I remembered and of course there was quite a bit of wind. Overall, I felt the race went well-It was nice not having an expectation other than just finishing. My overall time was almost 20 minutes faster than the last time I did the race-so YAY me! Oh-And I won a free pair of running shoes from the raffle-Liz you better watch out next bingo night-My luck is changing!

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