Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another week of up and down weather

Monday I met Corrine down at the lakes for a 6.72 mile run. It was nice to get out of Anoka county and run around the Minneapolis lakes! The weather was gorgous and it was nice to run in shorts and not layers of clothes! The miles flew by as Corrine had lots to talk about involving the changes in the run club.

Tuesdays workout consisted of a 2400 yard swim. I felt pretty good in the pool. I always find it interesting when I enter the pool area and seeing the activity going on in the pools. Usually in the kids pool there is an old man doing ballet legs-I don't know if he knows that is what they are from my synchronize swimming days. Looking at the lap pool, usually there are a couple lanes with pool walkers and a couple other lanes with very inefficient swimmers. I once got yelled at for splashing a pool walker. On Tuesday, there were several inefficient swimmers in the pool creating almost an open water effect because the waves were so big!

Wednesday, My bike ride was full of wind, road closures, and traffic! As stated the wind was extremely strong makng it hard to use my aerobars let alone stay upright on the bike. I got about a quarter way through my route when I hit the first road closure. Following the detours and not being familiar with the area I got LOST! I kept looking at the map that I had printed befor I had left, however it only had some of the roads printed on it making it difficult to get back to the orignal plan and bringing to bike down roads with a ton of rush hour traffic. I think that I passed Bellair street four times! I finally managed to get back on the planned route about 20 miles into the ride to come upon another road closing! I finally made it back to Roseville where I had started finishing the ride with 32 miles. I was happy to be done with the ride! Once I got home I took Shadow for a 2.7 mile run.

Today, I will be heading to the club to swim and then doing the TC 1 mile in downtown Minnepolis.

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