Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another week has passed by... making it one week closer to the big day!

Monday was a rest day-one of the only rest days since training started.

Tuesday, my workouts started with a 12 mile bike ride in Andover. It was a nice day but again windy. I finished my day with a run with the Run Club doing five miles.

Wednesday's workout consisted of a 2400 yard swim. I felt good in the water. The pool was on the warm side and cloudy.

Thursday, I did a 40 mile bike ride-one loop of the Liberty 1/2 ironman course. It was a great day-a little windy. This was a huge confidence builder!

Friday's workout was a 2450 yard swim.

Today, I did a 10 mile run around the lakes in Minneapolis. It was a nice run-again extremely windy.

My speed suit arrived today! I'm going to be one fast cat in Louisville:)

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