Friday, May 2, 2008

Another busy week!

I spent the majority of my time this week working my expanded literature with breaks getting a short workout in-it actually helped that the weather was pretty crappy.

Last Sunday was my last post not including the workout for that day. I had brick scheduled for outside, however do to the SNOW I was indoors again. I went to spinning clas and then finished up on the treadmill doing 3.3 miles.

Monday, I was super busy, diligently working on my lit. review that I ran out of time to complete my full workout. I ended up only swimming 1200 yards.

Tuesday, Still spending most my time on my lit. review I was feeling the affects from the lack of sleep I had been getting. My run was hard, my legs were tight, although I managed to get 4.75 miles done.

Wednesday, A welcomed day to be off of work! I still had a lot more to do on my lit. review and again spending most of my day working on it. I met up with Jen R. in the for a ride in Champlin. I felt great on the bike. We got a little disoriented in directions being unfamiliar with the area, but it made for an interesting ride. Jen and I battled heavy traffic (sometimes scary!) and wind for a lot of the ride. We ended up riding for 1.5 hours. Following the ride, I did a short 2.2 mile run with Shadow.

Thursday, I got out for an hour ride around the Blaine and Coon Rapids areas. Again, it was super windy and there were times that I thought I was going to get blown off my bike. I then went for a run at the Coon Rapids Dam getting in 4.25 miles. I later realized that I was suppose to swim and not run, but oh well.

Today, I plan to do the swim workout I missed yesterday. GUESS WHAT: I GOT MY LIT. REVIEW DONE!!!!!!

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