Friday, April 18, 2008

Warmer weather this week, however it was extremely windy!

I did a short swim of 1500 yards. I was having some problems with cramping in the my feet and calves. I then finished my workout with a 4 mile run.

Tuesday, I took my Cervelo out for the first time! I did a 18.32 mile ride on the Coon Rapids Dam/Elm Creek trail. It was great to feel the warm weather. The ride was fun however there were times that I was afraid that I was going to be tossed off my bike by the 45 mile/hour wind gusts. I did see a deer and three wild turkeys along the way. I also tried out the new saddle which was a ton more comfortable. I finished my workouts for the day with a 7.3 mile run along the Coon Creek trail.

Wednesday, my workout consisted of 2200 yard swim. I was working on speed. The swim went well.

Thursday, I was suppose to take the day off, however I ended up running 3 miles. I have hard time sitting still!

Today's workout will be a short 30 minute SLOW run to loosen up the legs for tomorrows half marathon. I will be heading up to St. Cloud later today.

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