Monday, April 14, 2008

Today as I was driving home and listening to the weather on the radio our friend "Dave" had said spring has sprung and the snow is done-I hope he is right!

Last Thursday workout was done inside on the treadmill:( It wasn't that cold, however we couldn' bear to run outside in the crappy slush and snow. We did a hill workout on the treadmills consisting of 5.3 miles.

Earlier, that day I realized that I missed a swim out on Tuesday, so I did get in and did a short 1000 yards in the pool. They had water aerobics going on and it was like swimming in the open water.

Friday's workout consisted of a swim of 2650 yards.

Saturday, I did a 10.5 mile run. The first half of the run I ran outside with Shadow and finished up on the treadmill. The weather was nasty! Sleet and wind.

Sunday's workout was a sceduled brick of biking and running. Due to the cool weather, I ended up attending spinning class for the biking portion. We did 1 hour of climbing out of the saddle. I then finished up with a 3 mile run with Shadow.

Rumor has it that the temp is suppose to rise 10 degrees every day until Wednesday!

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