Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, I had the worst run I have had in years! The winter bugs seems to be a huge problem. I did manage to get 5.11 miles in that day.

Friday, I skipped my swim however attended spin class. Spin class went well and I felt good. I ended up spinning for 1:15.

Saturday, I did a 8.25 mile run to the dam from LTF. The run went well and I felt strong! I even climbed a tree!!!!

Today, The pool is nasty-it is sooooo cloudy you can't even see your hand in front of you. I did 2300 yards and it went well and I felt very strong in the water. I then attended spinning class . It was a great class tonight! We did pyramids-today's spin class was challenging and a good workout.

My workout hours for the week total was 7:50, with a goal of 8:05.

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Mo said...

Monkey Noey -- you were so much fun at the run this weekend -- hanging from trees!!! Glad we got to run together. Hope the snow will be gone soon so you won't be going so "crazy" swinging from trees!