Monday, March 17, 2008

I made it through spinning class on Friday with only a few coughing attacks. I did get in the pool for a short swim of 700 yards prior to spinning.

Saturday's run was along the River Road in St. Paul. It was a little chilly however I warmed up quickly. I had a few coughing attacks at the beginning of the run but once my body got warmed up I was fine. I did 6.1 miles at a pretty good pace.

Sunday's workout consisted of a 1800 yard swim. I felt pretty good although my stroke felt a little off. I then on my bike and did some spinning for 45 minutes. I had a lot of coughing during my biking workout.

Overall, I feel my routine is getting back to normal. I did a total of 6:04 hours of workout for the week-only 6 minutes short of my goal.

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