Friday, March 28, 2008

I had a week of great workouts!!!! Monday, I did my first brick of the training season consisting of 35 minutes cycle with 4.5 mile run. The brick went well and I felt strong.

Tuesday, I did a 6.35 mile run with an average pace of 9:36/mile.

Wednesday, I swam 2200 yards. The pool was extremely cloudy to the point that you couldn't see your hand extended in front of you. I missed the wall several times while doing flip turns. I then went to spinning class. Spinning class was kind of boring and I didn't get much out of the workout.

Thursday, I did a quick 5 mile run with the guys from the run club-average pace was 8:36/mile.

Friday, I was really looking forward to getting into the pool today, as I am feeling stronger in the water. I went to the club and the pool was closed-bummer. I should have swam after class in Mankato. I did take Shadow for a nice long walk and did power cleaning instead. Hopefully the pool will be open tomorrow, so that I can get in after my run.

I did pull out my cycling books today and started to map out rides. I hope to get my bike off the trainer and make it down to Gear West this week to get a tune up.

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