Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling strong!

I haven't been very good about keeping this site lately-I need to do better!

I have had a week a of great workouts! Last week I was feeling a little tired and unmotivated and this week has been a different story.

Last Sunday's run was about 10 miles (7.5 on the Coon Creek Trail and 2.5 on the treadmill). Excited to know that the days are starting to get longer and this our spring ahead week-now the warmer weather can show up! Sunday's run was through the mist, although being chilled afterward, it's soooooo fun to run in the mist. Following the run I went to spinning class. I did a lot of clock watching during the class-maybe it was the music or I'm just sick of being cooped up in stuffy room with Richard Simmons look alike hooting and hollering.

Monday, I did a test run on the treamill. A test of endurance/strength that included a maintained speed and invtervals of multiple elevations. I have done this workout once a month since November. My speed was increased again and I felt great (hardly a challenge, what can I saw I'm going to be an Ironman!) Following my run, I headed to the pool. I felt great in the pool-strong and smooth-a powerful machine. I did 2800 yards. I did have some cramping in calves during my last two 250 yard swims of the set-need bananas, potatos, or maybe sport beans.

Tuesday, I ran with run club-again doing the Coon Creek trail and small amount in the neighborhood. I felt great on my run, however my legs are a little tight from the Monday's cramping in the pool. I need to replace my shoes too!

Today, I just finished a hour on the trainer. I still am much of a clock watcher when on the bike. I had a good workout consisting of climbing and sprints.

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