Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling Strong-NOT this week!

My last addition to the blog was titiled "Feeling Strong"-that feeling was short lived as I have knocked off my feet into my bed with a cold. It all started last Thursday when I felt a little cough coming on-I didn't venture far from my bed Friday-Monday. I had attempted a couple workout which were short lived by the massive coughing attacks. So several days later, almost two boxes of kleenex, and two bags of cough drops-I finally made it through a complete class of spinning. I only had a couple short coughing episodes, when my heart rate got over 155-progress! I still haven't been back to work though-tomorrow night will be the test.

I am feeling a lot better although I still have a cough. I am excited about the warmer weather-hopefully the themometer continues to go in the direction of up. I did get Shadow out for a short walk yesterday-she has been going crazy being cooped up for the past week.

Tomorrow, I hope to get a short run in with the run club-No Head Lamps Allowed! Depending on the bod-maybe I will attempt a swim as well.

I am eager to get back to my routine or consistent training.

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