Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday's workouts consisted of a swim and a run. I felt pretty strong in the water, however I feel cold coming on. I had cut my swim 700 yards short. I did an easy easy run with the run club.

I finished the 700 yards that I cut short from my swim the previous day. Interesting enough-a guy in the pool made a comment on my short swim. I then went to spinning class and according to the instructor I earned the right to brag about getting to zone 5 three times during the class. My bike workout was a total of 1:20.

Following spinning class I came home and slept-10-hours-trying to kick the cold before it gets too bad. See I do sleep!

I took Shadow for long awaited run-we did 45 minutes in the newly fallen snow. The run will keep her energy level controlled for about a half hour and then she will be chasing Joey around the house again:)

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