Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marathon 18

I just got back to Minnesota following my run at the Disney World Marathon-what a cold weather shock! I finished my 18th marathon with a time of 4:34. The weather was hot and humid with temps in the 80's. I felt terrible on the the run as stomach issues set in about mile 5 and cramps in my legs started about mile 10. I had changed to using Luna Moons during this race and I think that I made a bad choice! I really like the flavor and the texture of the Luna Moons, however I don't think that they help with cramping. I will switch back to Sport beans which have the electrolytes/minerals to help with cramping.

Way to go to Maureen, Jen, Eric, and Stef who also ran the marathon; Liz ran the 5k!

Today, I plan to get in the pool and run a few miles. I hope to get back to my consistent multisport training now that the marathon is completed.

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