Monday, December 24, 2007

Another week!

The animals just got done opening their stockings. They get so excited by the new toys and treats. Today, I did a short swim of 1250 yards as the gym had holiday hours. I plan to lift weights at home.

The past week was another busy one. I worked Monday night and then had meetings all day on Tuesday. Monday's workout consisted of lifting weights. I had a good workout considering the lack of sleep. I worked Tuesday night and again had meetings all day on Wednesday.

Tuesday, run was nice with the warmer temps; I did 5.2 miles.

Wednesday, I lifted weights and again had a good workout.

Thursday, I ran 3 quick miles and then did a pool workout with a combination of swimming, water running, and strength building exercises.

Friday, I attended Don's spinning class, which is always an experience. I maxed out the resistance on the bike during the hill climbs. Spinning class was a great workout.

Saturday, I did a ten mile run that felt like 20! Running from St. Louis Park, the route consisted of rolling hills. The snow was fluffy until the snow plow came through and covered the sidewalks with icy chunks making the terrain very uneven. I don't know what was worst the achiness while running or the achiness when you stopped.

Sunday, I went to spinning class. The class had a good mix of sprinting and hill climbing. A instructor, whom I'm not familiar with had taught the class.

I hope to rest up this week as work should be pretty relaxed. Oh....I can't forget! My bike came in! I hope to make to Gear West this week to pick it up, yay!!!!

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