Wednesday, November 28, 2007

treadmill anyone?

Monday following Christmas shopping I came home and put my Christmas tree. My tree hasn't been up for four years as my cats love to climb, eat, and tip it over. We are now enetering day 3 and the tree is still standing-keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesdays workout consisted of a hill treadmill workout:

10 minutes zone 1 pace
10 minutes zone 2 pace
6 x 20 second elevation at 7.5 (1 minute intervals)
1 minute of walking
6 x 20 second elevation at 10 (1 minute intervals)
1 minute of walking
2 x 20 second elevation at 12.5 (1 minute intervals)-This is when the treadmill broke! The treadmill wouldn't go down!

I should have done one interval of zone 3 at 0 elevation and 1 mph faster-(I never got to this because of the broken treadmill.

The hill workout was great and butt kicking!

I then got in the pool and did an easy 45 minute swim.

Today's plan consists of lifting weights.

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MNStef said...

Your Christmas tree ROCKS! So does mine!! Because they are both from Target and only cost $19.99! We are smart shoppers!

You are doing great in your training, you little triathlete you! (My only workout this past weekend was walking to Space Aliens with you through the snow!)
Can't wait to watch you swim/bike/run Ironman style!

Stef :)