Sunday, November 25, 2007

Missed a whole week of blogging!

Wow, I missed a whole week of blogging. I really need to work on my diet-this week I ate like crap and probably gained 50 pounds!

Tuesday-I was on schedule to swim. The training schedule suggested test swim of 3x300 freestyle desending with a warm-up and cool-down. I felt awesome! I then ran with the run club with only having the intention of doing 3 miles. I ended up doing 7.8 miles instead.

Wednesday-I went to spinning class with Don (a different Don). We focused on endurance for long period in zone 2-3. It was a good class.

Thursday-I had gotten home from work and was toasted! I had set my alarm with the intention of getting a swim in before the gym closed. I slept through my alram and didn't get up until almost 2pm. I did take Shadow for a 3 mile run-she is a "Crazy B"!

Friday was my day off-I spent it shopping downtown with Liz, Jen and Aaron. There is something about going downtown this time of the year. What super fun day! We took the city bus downtown from Northtown and started out at Macy's. Jen and Aaron then met up with us for lunch at Hells Kitchen. We then finished our shopping at the IDS. We had a low key night at Jen's house just watching Rudolph and Men in Trees.

I got up early to run but instead went shopping. I did however get a 14 mile run down at the lakes. It was really nice running down there yesterday! There were a ton of people out walking, running, biking, and rollerblading. The Run went prett well, although my legs were tight.

Today- plan includes cycling-maybe I will get on my trainer or there is spinning class with Marcia today.

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