Monday, November 12, 2007

Friday, I made it to spinning and skipped the swimming session. Work was crazy this last weekend-I am sooooo glad I have a night off! Back to Friday's workouts, I took it easy during spinning class-steady steady steady was my focus. I ended up skipping my swim workout as I was trying to get all my homework done and ran out of time before having to head back to work. I ended up getting out of work late on Saturday morning due to the craziness of the night-I ended up missing my morning run. I went to Corrine's basket party and headed home to finish the two papers that were due-not enough time in the day!!!!! Saturday night again was full of craziness which led to a late discharge from work-I finally got some sleep though. Sunday, I did a short run (2.2 miles)-I was stiff from the lack of working out over the previous days. I then went to spinning class-we did a workout full of sprints.

My plan for today includes lifting weights.

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