Friday, November 9, 2007

Almost another week done

I slacked on the blogging this week:( Tuesday, I did a short two mile run as that was my day to just swim. I did end up getting in the pool to do a short set (1200 yards). I had hoped to get more yards in the pool, however there was a crabby old guy that refused to share his lane while the water aerobics class was going on (they take up 1/2 the pool).
Wednesday was my day off-I felt extremely antsy to do something; kind of like tapering. I know that my training will be better off if I hold back now.
Thursday, I did a 6.2 mile run at approximently @ 9:00 minute pace. Prior to my run I did the suggested weightlifting routine recommended by the plan that I am currently following. The routine focuses on the muscle groups that are used with each phase of the triathlon.
I met with a new coach yesterday! She was great! I met with her for about an hour and half. The consultation session was sooo helpful and I learned a ton! I will keep you posted regarding the coaching. I started my christmas list after I got home from the consulation-I love Gear West!
Today, the plan is to swim and go to spinning class.

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