Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Holloween

Last night at run club we did 4.5 miles and I felt great. I feel that I have recovered from my trip and the 1/2 marathon. Today the plan is to lift some weights and do lots of abs (critically needed after viewing my marathon photos!)

Tomorrow, will be my day off this week as I head to Mankato for 12 grueling hours of class with the verbal vomiters:(

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Mo said...

Noelle -Thanks for running the Anoka Grey Ghost 5K with me. You're such an inspiration! I know I would not have finished with such a great finishing time if it hadn't been for you. You also inspired me to do the IronGirl Duathlon, which I would never even have considered until I met you! Jen and I had a blast and hope to do another one. I'm looking forward to tracking your progress as you prepare for the Ironman.